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Sensormatic Covers

Sensormatic Security towers are Anti- Shoplifting system that is very popular with retailers. More than 80% of the world’s retailers use sensormatics to protect their businesses. We at Pinnacle see an opportunity to brand the boring looking systems into brand appropriate advertising.

Get a great reaction by reaching a large number of shoppers and clientele by branding, promoting or launching of products on the sensormatic security towers. We can create a sock or cover to fit whatever sensormatic tower you use. They can also be manufactured as single- or double-sided socks/covers and can be supplied in a variety of fabrics. From tote fitting to an elasticated finish.

Sensormatic Covers are normally used in retail stores entrances and exits. They are most frequently used for clothing, Jewellery, shoes, perfume, and gift sets.




Available on requested sizes. As all Sensormatic towers have different shape and sizes.

Other Names for Sensormatic Covers: Sensory detective system, Sensory Towers, Anti- theft stands, sensormatic pedestals

Dye Sublimation process: Sensormatic Covers/ socks are Dye Sublimated onto Mini Matte, Banner-weave or trilobal. Supplied finished as a single- or Double-sided sock with the bottom neatly over locked and hemmed all around.

Complete unit includes: Sensormatic Cover finished back-to-back hemmed and supplied

Please Note that we only manufacture the cover and sock as we do not supply or sell the Sensormatic Tower units.

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