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Flag bunting has also been an attractive way of drawing clients and customers closer. Bunting can also almost be used anywhere. And we offer various shapes and Single- or double-sided options. The most traditional bunting shapes are triangles. Which also flaps in the wind to create this feeling of movement. Bunting lengths are normally 10m long and it would contain 36 pennants on one 10m length. We only manufacture PVC Bunting as it is almost impossible to do them on fabric in large quantities. Thousand of meters can be ordered.

Bunting is great for Sports or Racing events and could almost also be use as barricade to control crowds.  Retailers could also benefit from what bunting can offer with regards to catching the eye of your clientele.

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Triangle Bunting: 300mm x 200mm

Rectangular Bunting: 300mm x 200mm / 200mm x 300mm

Square Bunting: 200mm x 200mm / 300mm x 300mm

Other Names for Bunting: Alternating Pennants string, Flags on a String, Party Pennants, Garlands, Pennant Tape Strings

Digital process: Bunting is Digitally Printed onto Solvent PVC, depending on the finished product. Single sided is printed onto Lay flat PVC and the double sided onto White Black White PVC. They are finished stitched to pennant tape and supplied with 1m additional on each end of a string.

Complete unit includes: 10m sting of Bunting flags (36 pennants) and 2m additional pennant tape on either side of sting.

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