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Flags are considered a traditional Marketing tool to display a country, State, Company, or any other organization. Most Businesses prefer a Traditional Flagpole flag displaying the South African flag accompanied by a Corporate or Organizational flag. Flags range in sizes from Small Waving flags right up to an 18 x 12-meter flag. These extra-large flags are normally used at sports events and ceremonial events. All Flag dimensions are based on a ¾ radio which explains the rectangular shape. Flags do also come in different shapes and sizes each with their own meaning and message.

Whether it’s a flag for a Country, State, Ceremony, Festival, Sporting or outdoor- indoor Events.  Regardless of the style of flag you choose, having your company flag flying proudly when clients and customers arrive makes good business sense.

Flags are produced onto Flag material (Ultrasheen) and standardly finished with Rope and Toggle to attach to flagpoles. Some are finished with Sleeves, pockets, eyelets, or handles. Flags are super easy to transport and hoist.




Waving Flags 400mm x 300mm & 900mm x 600mm

Storm Flags 900mm x 600mm

Standard Flag 1800mm x 1200mm

Ceremonial Flag2700mm x 1800mm

Grand Ceremonial Flag 3600mm x 2700mm

Other Names for Flags: Country Flags, Corporate Flags, Flagpole Flags, Company flags, Indoor outdoor Flags

Sublimation process: Flags are Dye Sublimated onto Ultrasheen and finished with rope and toggle.

Complete unit includes: Flags are overlocked, hemmed with flag webbing on side with rope and toggle.

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