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Sharkfins, Telescopics and Windcheaters are portable style flag advertising using Graphite frame poles and Textile Flags/Skins attached to them which offers eye-catching advertising for outdoor windy conditions. Sharkfins, Telescopics and Windcheaters hold their own in strong winds but, also could appear majestic in an indoor arena. They are extremely popular for outdoor and indoor events and can be used individually or in a cluster.

Product benefits include that they are lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. They are also available as single- or double-sided units. Fabric Skins/Prints are removable and machine washable. Their sizes range from 2m – 5m custom made units. Unfortunately, the windcheaters are only available in a 3m and 4m sized unit.

Sharkfins, Telescopics and Windcheaters are great for Golf Day branding, Beach Events, Marathons, Racing, Expo’s, and Retail Launches. They are extremely visually attractive advertising solution.






Accessories include Indoor Scissor Base, Indoor Solid Flat Base. Ground Spike, Swivel Ground Spike or Cluster Pole Ground Spikes.

Other Names for Sharkfins, Telescopics and Windcheaters: Feather Banner, Fin Banner, Bow Banner, Arc Banner, Flying Banner flag, Harp Banner, Bowhead Banner, Flex Banner, Sail Banner, Curved Banner flag

Textile and Sublimation process: Sharkfins, Telescopics and Windcheaters Skins/Prints are Dye Sublimated onto Ultrasheen (Single Sided) or on Silver Back Fabric (Double Sided) and finished with webbing on side stitched to fit onto Graphite frame supplied.

Complete unit includes: Flag/Print/Skin, Graphite / Fiberglass Rods, Carry bag and Ground Spikes.

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