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Table Coverings

Branded Tablecloths and runners are extremely useful as they can be placed onto all kinds of tables. Our Table branded covers consist of the following fittings. Tablecloth, Table Runners, table wrap and boxed fitted are only a few. Tablecloths are easy to carry almost anywhere with ease. Tablecloths are most often over-locked and hemmed all around but, it would also depend on the shape and style of the Table covering. The skins can be Dye Sublimated onto fabric or digitally printed onto Solvent PVC.

During an event, a tablecloth can act as a powerful tool for passing out our message. These Table coverings can Transform your ordinary looking tables to very powerful advertising Space. Typically, ideal for any occasion including personal uses for example themed parties or events.

Product Benefits are that they are re-usable for many years. Easy to transport and fully Machine washable. Table coverings come in different sizes and styles to fit your custom table requirements.



Available on requested sizes depending on overhang or style needed. Our tablecloths usually fit standard trestle tables.         

Other Names for Table coverings: Table Wraps, Table Overlays, Box Fitted Tablecloth, Promotional Table skirt, Table runners

Digital and Sublimation process: Tablecloths are the only Table Coverings we can produce onto Black Back PVC and non-Machine washable. All other table coverings are Dye Sublimated onto Bannerweave, Thick Ultrasheen or Trilobal (Stretch fabric). Table coverings are overlocked and the hemmed all around.

Complete unit includes: Tablecloth, Table Runner, Boxed Table covering all overlocked and hemmed all around.

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